Ayuslab - Your Growth Partner

  • ✔ Trusted by 1000+ diagnostic centers and hospitals.
  • ✔ Insights about your business performance and scale faster.
  • ✔ Unlock the power of data intelligence. Analyze and effectively engage with your customers.
  • ✔ Enhance your quality, monitor from anywhere, expand with the click of a button.
  • ✔ Elevate and get your lab onboarded in just one day.


Cloud based

  • ✔ Access from anywhere.
  • ✔ Hassle free usability.
  • ✔ Zero Server Downtime
  • ✔ No fear of data loss as the data is backed up in multiple cloud servers.
  • ✔ Easily scale your business - all you need is internet connected PC

AyusLab - Cloud based Lab Software
AyusCare Mobile App - Reports on Fingertips

Mobile App - Reports on Fingertips

  • ✔ Automatically share report with patients.
  • ✔ Share reports with referring doctors.
  • ✔ Accept payment from patients online.
  • ✔ Download your report from Mobile App as PDF.

Intelligence built in

  • ✔ Critical value alerts when results cross the threshold.
  • ✔ Auto calculation and result entry based on formula calculation.
  • ✔ The system automatically alerts technician when the data entered is inappropriate.

AyusLab - Lab software with Intelligence built in

Efficient management of patient records

  • ✔ Smooth workflow from registration till report dispatch.
  • ✔ Manage Patient master data with easily searchable patient records.
  • ✔ Efficient Communication : Auto generated SMS to 'Patients' when report ready

AyusLab - Electronic Health Record for Laboratory

  • ✔ Email with Report PDF and Report on Mobile App
  • ✔ Home Sample collection with reports delivered to Mobile.
  • ✔ Appointments and scheduling with Auto reminder for next follow up visit.
  • Upload patient prescription for future reference.

Security - The system you can trust

  • ✔ Hosted on secure enterprise grade cloud servers with SSL Encryption.
  • ✔ Role based access - Specify user roles and decide who should be accessing what section of your application.
  • ✔ Login alert - View and track devices that are currently signed in with your login.
  • ✔ Time based access - Restrict your staff to access the application for only specific time duration.

AyusLab - Secure Laboratory Software which you can trust
AyusLab - Interfacing Made Easy

Robust Interfacing with Analyser machines

  • ✔ Saves time, increases productivity, improves overall quality of your lab.
  • ✔ Unidirectional interfacing - Eliminate wrong result entry and reduce human error.
  • ✔ Bidirectional interfacing - Completely control your fully automated analyser machines.

User and roles - Control who can access what

  • ✔ Create and manage multiple users of your lab.
  • ✔ Prevent misuse by restricting user access to specific time slot.
  • ✔ Provide report viewer login to doctors and collection centers.
  • ✔ Track activity of users and understand who has been doing what.
  • ✔ Controlled access - Decide what section can be accessed by whom.

AyusLab - Userr Role Management in LIMS

Reports the way you prefer

  • ✔ Easily configurable and neatly formatted report
  • ✔ Select from multiple templates for your reports in Biochemistry, haematology, serology, clinical pathology, microbiology, radiology.
  • ✔ Normal range selected based on age and gender.

  • ✔ Configure workflow within reports.
  • ✔ Design and manage multiple test packages.
  • ✔ Provision to repeat test, cancel test.
  • ✔ QR code in report for quick access of reports.

Workflow and Approvals

  • ✔ Barcode label printing for efficient sample tracking.
  • ✔ Print worksheets for operational efficiency.
  • ✔ Easily configure e-signatures and it's positioning.
  • ✔ Specify multi level approvals with signature of approval authority.
  • ✔ Manage status of sample with option to collect, reject or discard.
  • ✔ Track status of test - pending, approved / rejected, dispatched.

AyusLab - Workflow and Approvals for Laboratory Management
AyusLab : Billing and Finance Management for Laboratories

Billing and finances

  • ✔ Never miss an invoice. The system locks each report to a bill.
  • ✔ Corporate billing and collections.
  • ✔ Multiple payment modes.
  • ✔ Control your staff on billing, discounts and collections.
  • ✔ Record all payments and receipts through vouchers.
  • ✔ Multiple pricing structure based on reference center and doctor.


Trend analysis and analyse month to month progress of your business.
  • ✔ Understand how the business is performing with billing and collection reports.
  • ✔ MIS reports on daily billing, due status, test wise and doctor wise bill summary.
  • ✔ Trend analysis and analyse month to month progress of your business.
  • ✔ Summary of tests by reference centers and by referral doctors by day and month.

AyusLab - Analytics for Better understanding of Laboratory Data
AyusLab - Marketing via: LIMS Software


  • ✔ Run various marketing campaigns through SMS / Mobile App.
  • ✔ Manage and track your Source of Lead.
  • ✔ Offers loyalty discount coupons and privilege cards.

Comply with NABL

  • ✔ AyusLab helps you satisfy all guidelines laid out by NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories).
  • ✔Enforces strict quality control and efficient workflow.

Audit trails

  • ✔ Keep record of all modifications of your reports.
  • ✔ Keep track of billing edits, payment refund, discount and write-off.
  • ✔ Complete history of user activity.

AyusLab - Audit Trail of All Modification in the Software
AyusLab - Maintain Inventory of your Lab


  • ✔ Keep track of your consumables
  • ✔ Maintain history of purchases and items consumed.
  • ✔ Maintain list of vendors payments.
  • ✔ Easy re-ordering process by watching minimum stock level.
  • ✔ Automated purchase orders.

Support you can trust

  • ✔ Get all your queries resolved through friendly support manager.
  • ✔ Quick response through Call, WhatsApp, Chat & Email.
  • ✔ Periodic communication Tips on LIMS, New Update or Usage and trends.

AyusLab - Support you can Trust
AyusLab - Quality Contol Management

Quality Control

  • ✔ Maintain logs of QC runs.
  • ✔ Operational and clinical TAT : Compare average Turnaround Time (TAT) with standard TAT for each test.
  • ✔ Maintain Instrument master and service schedule intervals of each analyzer.
  • ✔ Ensuring quality of result by cross matching readings of multiple batches of reagents.

AyusLab - Manage Labs Insurance & corporate providers

Insurance & corporate

  • ✔ Manage and track insurance companies and TPAs.
  • ✔ Track patients and bills by each insurance provider.
  • ✔ Simple payment and collection module to easily clear bills.
  • ✔ Better communication with insurance providers through auto generated emails.

Connected healthcare

With AyusLab, you can quickly share reports with doctors and patients

End To End Solution For Connecting With Doctors And Customers Seamlessly. Share reports with your doctors and patients on mobile app for quick access. Easily compare past readings for better health management.

AyusLab - End To End Solution For Connecting With Doctors And Customers Seamlessly